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Coach Pitino Event Details

We are proud to announce that half of the $20 admission will benefit Cochran Elementary School.


For the past 6 six years, the Club has provided a pancake breakfast with Santa for the first and second graders of the school. Most of the students are in need of assistance during the holiday season. Your donation will go towards clothing, coats, food and toy purchases. This is the only Christmas many of these children will know this season.

The Club’s employees have taken great pride in helping the children of Cochran Elementary. Seeing the kids’ faces light up when Santa walks into the room is what the holidays are truly all about. We would like to express thanks to Coach Pitino for taking time out of his schedule to come to the Club for this event, and to his staff for working out the details.


Lunch Menu

Turkey Wrap with cheese, lettuce and tomato
Fruit and Pasta Salad
Assorted Cookies
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  1. Thanks, Coach Pitino, and the University of Louisville. It was a wonderful experience today and Cochran Elementary and its students thank you for the support. We look forward to the pancake breakfasts next week!

  2. Big thanks to Coach Pitino for coming to the Club today and speaking. Everyone enjoyed it!

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Cream of Broccoli
Chicken & Rice

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