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Maker’s Mark Dinner

Maker’s Mark Dinner

Bill Samuels Jr., born in 1940, attended public school in Bardstown, graduated with a BS from Case Institute of Technology and while enrolled in graduate school at UC Berkeley was employed as an aerospace engineer working on rocket nozzle design, before going on to earn a law degree from Vanderbilt University. Samuels then returned to Kentucky to work for his father at Maker’s Mark, a Company he founded in 1953. He served as President for 36 years during which time Maker’s Mark became a celebrated iconic brand of bourbon.



Shrimp Cocktail


Bibb lettuce topped with Roasted Red Pepper, Black Olives, Seared Scallops, Gorgonzola Cheese


Roasted Marinated Breast of Duck or Grilled Pork Tenderloin topped with Maker’s Bourbon Sauce

Smashed Potatoes

Grilled Brussells Sprouts

Baby Carrots


Chef’s Special Dessert