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Tuesday, October 21st

Today’s Soups

Turkey Chili
Cream of Cauliflower

Buffet Selections

Hot Browns
Mashed Potatoes
Corn on the Cob
Pastrami & Reuven Sandwiches

Fajita Station
$5.95 Hot Entree Special
Beef Tacos & Mexican Rice

$9.95 Feature
Blackened Tilapia with Potatoes & Vegetables

Today at the Club

Residents & Scholarly Act 7:30 am
LG& E & KU 8:30 am
IUPUI 9 am
Women's Republican Club 10 am
Union County 12 pm
CAD 12:30 pm
Bullitt Astronomy Lecture 4:45 pm
GLI Orientation 5 pm
Swimming & Diving 5 pm
Trivia Night 5:30 pm
PSI Boule 6:30 pm
GLI Orientation 6:30 pm