Catering Guidelines

University Club Guidelines

Private Rooms
• Room assignments are subject to change with notification.
• Room, equipment, and menu arrangements should be finalized at least two weeks prior to the event.
• Room rental fees may be charged, based on the circumstances of the booking.
• Because the Club is private, all non-members are required to find a member sponsor. Should an exception be made, a room rental fee will be charged, based on the size of the room available.

Alcoholic Beverages
• No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the University Club’s property; should this occur, the group will face a $500 fine/charge, and the alcoholic beverages will be confiscated.
• We will refuse cocktail service to guests who appear intoxicated.
• If a request is made for alcoholic beverages not listed on the University Club’s regular beverage list, and a product is ordered per the member or guest’s instructions, the member or guest is responsible for all charges in reference to that beverage. In accordance with Kentucky state law, the University Club reserves the right to keep all alcoholic beverages that are not consumed.

Food Selections
• Menu prices are always subject to change, based on market trends.
• When dining in a private room, we ask that you order the same menu for all guests. Should you have a plated meal with multiple entrée choices, the exact number of each entrée is due in advance, and the host must provide a place card for each guest with the entrée choice stated. If extra meals are prepared to accommodate your guests, those meals will be charged over and above your guaranteed number of guests.
• We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs, which must be ordered when giving us the details for your event. The final count for each entrée must be given with your guarantee. No food, other than a wedding cake, may be brought into or taken from the University Club premises.
• Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase risk of food borne illness. Seafood, meats, poultry, and eggs are prepared medium to well.

Cancellation Policy
• Events cancelled more than 30 days prior to the date will not be charged. Events cancelled 3 to 30 days prior to will be invoiced at $3 per person. Events cancelled within 3 days prior will be charged in full. Any expense that present a cost to The University Club will also be paid in full no matter when the event is cancelled.

• The final number of attendees (the guarantee) is due to the Catering office three business days prior to the event. Should the actual number of guests exceed the guarantee, you will be charged for actual attendance. Should the actual number of guests be less than the guarantee, you will be charged for the guarantee.
• Any arrangements, involving outside vendors, must be approved by the Catering Department in advance.
• The University Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles; will be held for a limited time only.

• You must be a member in good standing to charge to your member account.
• Larger events will require a non-refundable deposit, and/or credit card information at the time of booking
• Non-member events require a non-refundable deposit and credit card information at the time of booking. The deposit will be applied toward the event, and the credit card information will be used for payment unless other arrangements have been made. Payment in full is due in advance.
• If your organization is exempt from payment of Kentucky sales tax, you must provide a copy of the certificate at time of booking, and payment must be made by check or credit card from that organization.

Service Charge
• The Service charge is a banquet event fee that helps to offset the living wage paid to the University Club staff. It is not considered a gratuity, and does not go directly to the staff serving your event.